Effective neurosurgery and plastic surgery treatments

The Haddis Agape Pediatric Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery Hospital

Established under the auspices of The Haddis Agape Foundation, the hospital will be a medical centre established with the purpose of providing poor and disadvantaged children with surgical treatment for paediatric neurosurgical and plastic surgery problems.

Project location:
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 
Major Activities/Services:
Outpatient services:

In its outpatient department (OPD), the hospital will assess children suffering from neurosurgical problems or conditions that need plastic surgery. Patients who will need medical follow-up and whose conditions can be improved through non-surgical treatments will be seen in this department whereas those eligible for surgical treatment will be referred to the surgical ward for preparation and close follow-up.

Outreach campaign:

The hospital will organize an outreach campaign to identify, assess and refer children suffering from neurosurgical problems and conditions that need plastic surgery treatment.


The Haddis Agape Pediatric Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery Hospital is planning to hold a campaign to treat people with facial palsy and other plastic surgery treatment for free in collaboration with Royal Free Hospital Homestead in London and All Africa Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Rehabilitation Training Center (ALERT) in Ethiopia.

The hospital is also preparing paperwork to be engaged in mental health problem management in Ethiopia

Individual Partners:
Dr Ataklitie, Dr Abraham, Dr Yegermu and Dr Abdu will be responsible for overseeing plastic surgery activities in the hospital on top of operating the patients. 

We also offer hand reconstructive surgery and leg surgery for people in Ethiopia. For more details, contact our team today. We are based in Harrow.

Project beneficiaries:

Poor and disadvantaged children suffering from pediatric neurosurgical problems and conditions that needed plastic surgery treatment.

In-patient services:

Patients who will undergo surgical treatments will stay in the inpatient ward under the care and close follow up of physicians and nurses. Pre-operative and post-operative care for safe recovery will be provided to patients here.

Capacity building of government teaching hospital for general practitioners and surgeons:

The hospital will be engaged in providing training to general surgeons on how to surgically treat simple and common neurosurgical problems and also to train general practitioners to examine and follow patients that come for post-operative checkups.

Public awareness:

Considering the high number of children suffering from neurological problems, the hospital will be actively involved in providing public awareness campaign. Promotion of taking prenatal folic acid supplement will be one of the public awareness and preventive action areas the hospital will focus on.

In its public awareness campaign, the hospital will also educate parents on preventable traumas for children that may cause them to undergo plastic surgery. A good example of this is to teach parents/guardians on how to prevent children from burn-related traumas.


All Africa Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Rehabilitation Training Center (ALERT) for plastic surgery treatment of beneficiaries

Small government administrations that give referrals to the poor who are not able to financially sponsor their medical treatments.

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