Medical donations accepted

Equipment, resources and money donations accepted

Are you a doctor or a medical practice looking to donate equipment, drug supplies or money to help our mission? At The Haddis Agape Foundation, we accept all donations that will help the medical treatments offered.
The Haddis Agape Foundation envisions improving the health of disadvantaged children and young adults suffering from pediatric neurosurgical problems, cerebral palsy, hand and leg reconstructive surgery and conditions that need plastic surgery treatment in Ethiopia. Considering the shortage of expertise and medical facilities offering plastic surgery and pediatric neurosurgery treatment, the foundation will facilitate surgical treatments for those who don’t have the access to such medical care due to financial constraints.
The founder of the charity has been herself affected and suffered from facial nerve palsy (that needed plastic surgery treatment) for so many years. The facial palsy (which happened possibly after childhood meningitis) could not be addressed in her home country, Ethiopia, until she came to Britain and underwent the operation at Royal Free Hospital Homestead in London, with satisfactory results.

Help us to improve a persons life!

The Haddis Agape Foundation sources medical equipment, drugs and money to help children suffering from neurosurgical problems in Africa. Please help us serve them better by donating now!